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SoyLatte is comparable to Apple’s JVM

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Now that Apple has put the knife into their former buddy Java, many programmers are suddenly looking at alternative JVMs for the Mac, such as SoyLatte.

So “How does SoyLatte compare to Apple’s JVM?” is a common question. Well if your program uses Swing components the answer is “like a dog’s breakfast “. But if you use SWT or don’t have a graphical interface, your main concern is speed and stability. I don’t know how robust SoyLatte is, but to test its speed I went up to the attic and dusted off an old Eclipse plugin I wrote called JavaSpeed. Here’s the result:


The results are based on this simple benchmark, which I fully admit aren’t very scientific but are better than nothing. Apple’s JVM seems to be better, but SoyLatte hasn’t disgraced itself.

I also checked out and built the latest OpenJDK as per these instructions, and tested all three JVMs:

If you want to run these tests yourself, it’s a simple matter of downloading this zip file and extracting into the ‘plugins’ directory of Eclipse. Run Eclipse and click menu Run > Run Configurations > Java Speed and click the ‘New’ button.

Finally, let’s compare Apples with Apples:

Looks like Apple took their eye off the ball when it came to Java, but then you already knew that, didn’t you?